The truth will not be silenced

My name is Lucas McLeod, and I have spent the past twenty years researching a vast, international conspiracy that few people suspect even exists. I am a member of MENSA with a certified IQ of 160, and studied political science at the City University of New York, where I first uncovered the tentacles of the dark umbrella. Professors would return my research papers on the conspiracy with failing grades and supercilious comments about "extraordinary claims demanding extraordinary evidence." Well, I've spent my life since then finding that evidence, and it does not speak well for the academics of this country that they are carrying water for those who would rule us from behind the curtain. They may have kept me from getting a college degree and admission to the "club," but I have had the last laugh. My work speaks for itself. 

In the mundane world, I live in Staten Island and work in IT for the mumble-mumble corporation on Wall Street.

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