After much soul searching and pouring over notebooks, I've decided to turn to one of my long-suspected connections with the white umbrella: the Nixon resignation and the end of the Vietnam War.
For reasons I may expand on in future blogs, I've given up on the line of research of the last couple years focusing on the Weathermen.
I wonder if Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" was a easily readable to his contemporaries. It must have been, or why else would the folks from the SDS have appropriated the name.

But I am struck by the playful clarity of the opening lines of the third verse, which are all clearly ways to avoid the draft. "Get sick, get well, hang around an inkwell,"  that is, receive a deferment for higher education.) "Ring bell" took me a while, until I stumbled across an early 60s PSA for mental illness, whose symbol, in those days, was a hand-rung school bell. Avoiding the draft by faking insanity. "Get barred" i.e., use (or perhaps become) a lawyer. "Write braille," would be a medical deferment for vision. "Get jailed," speaks for itself. Easy to see why this appealed to the "Weathermen."

And their symbol -- well, at least some others have noticed its similarity to Obama's corporate logo.
With all the research I've done on the Weathermen, I keep coming back to the same question: why did the forces of the White Umbrella not take better advantage of their momentum during the 1960s? There is no question that they were overmatched; not since the 1930s, when the new medium of radio propelled Hitler to power had a major political figure been in such a position to control a uniquely penetrating medium (Television, in the 60s was very different that today, my research has shown. There were only three networks, and you could control content quite effectively. The Administration managed to do this for nearly ten years.)

There were several key points of failure. In some of them (RFK, MLK) one can discern the work of the Dark, but what to make of the collapse of the anti-war movement? Or, especially, the curious blindness America has about the Weathermen?

We had a full-fledged revolutionary force operating within our borders, and nobody today even remembers it. We talk about Al Qaeda all the time, and they never even get a sidebar.

Of course, deliberate elision is always the work of the Dark Umbrella.
I've been pondering the "why" of the JFK hit, and the only explanation that makes sense, indeed, the only one that fits the facts, is that it was a moment where the umbrella was transferred.

In Dallas, Richard Nixon received the umbrella.

He was in town that day, for corporate lawyering work with a client. Go ahead. Check it out on Google. And while he was nowhere near Dealy Plaza, there is that gap in Oswald's timeline between the time he slips out of the Texas School Book Depository and has the run-in with Tippett.

Oswald was passing along the Umbrella.