Day jobs are the bane of my existence. Why must I spend an entire week of my highly creative time serving as a unit of production in service of some corporate entity whose only interest is generating wealth for shareholders. **** the [redacted] corporation and all their heirs and assigns.

Long-time readers may wonder if this has something to do with my less-than-stellar performance review from December, and the fact that I didn't get a raise this year. We're in a recession, pal. Nobody got a raise.

Although, this Great Recession is certainly convenient for the forces of the Dark Umbrella. Never waste a good crisis, eh?
I've been pondering the "why" of the JFK hit, and the only explanation that makes sense, indeed, the only one that fits the facts, is that it was a moment where the umbrella was transferred.

In Dallas, Richard Nixon received the umbrella.

He was in town that day, for corporate lawyering work with a client. Go ahead. Check it out on Google. And while he was nowhere near Dealy Plaza, there is that gap in Oswald's timeline between the time he slips out of the Texas School Book Depository and has the run-in with Tippett.

Oswald was passing along the Umbrella.
As long as I'm in reboot mode, might be worth pondering the question that continues to bother me about the JFK assasination: why. Not who -- it's well established, beyond any reasonable doubt, that forces at the highest levels of government orchestrated a shooting gallery on Elm Street, and that the Dark Umbrella was, literally, front and center.

Not cui bono, but rather, quid prodest.
Restarted my blog here on Weebly. The price is certainly right. And maybe they'll be less nosy and officious than the idiiots at [redacted] who pulled my site down in response to a DMCA takedown notice from the ***ers at [redacted].

Not only did they take my site offline, but they did not provide any way for me to get a dump of my material. There's a lesson here: never trust the only copy of your digital assets to some megalithic corporate enetity that only cares about profit and cowers like a whipped puppy in stead of defending the First Amendment rights of its users when the corporate barracudas send threatening memos.