No, seriously. I can walk across Staten Island if I want, from one side to the other. Brooklyn is freakishly large. And there are a hell of a lot of people in a Congressional district. First, I had to find what the actual boundaries were in 1972. New York politicians have gerrymandered districts in the city pretty regularaly, but I've got a map up on the wall now, and I'm pretty confident that I know my target area.

Have started poking around the Board of Elections data to see how to crosstab it with property taxes. Some parts of the district have swapped out completely, but there are some pockets where individuals (or at least family names) seem to be consistent. There seem to be some target-rich sections of the district, but I won't know until I get evertthing into mySQL where I can massage. With a little work, I should be able to generate walk lists for my vacation. Spending my precious  week away from the job knocking on doors isn't something I look forward to, but it has to be done.