I suppose I could pick a few sections off the map and try to hit those, rather than waiting for my week of vacation in July. Because, otherwise, I'm going to lose the thread here. This never happened to Warren Beatty or Jeff Bridges. Now, it's not that I think Parallax View and Winter Kills were documentaries (although they do tiptoe right up to some awfully plainspoken truths) but it's always disappointing when real life so totally fails to match expectations. In the heightened reality of the conspiracy film, there's always a key witness lurking out there, and if you're smart enough you'll find them. There's always a hidden safe with a vital document, a black cat glitch in the matrix, a glance out the rear window.

And if you truly believe in the conspiracy you're hunting down, you know that there's one of these out there. And if you're not finding it, well, maybe it's your fault.

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