Toward the end of the day yesterday, after knocking on two hundred doors in East New York, I realized that buying new shoes right before this effort was maybe not the smartest thing. Both my heels had been hurting for a while, and when I looked down, I saw blood on the back of both socks. So I did the best I could -- used a bit of the masking tape i have in the bag to put up fliers, and taped squares of McDonald's napkins over the ruptured blisters where the back of the shoes hit my ankles.

It was the culmination of a very frustrating first day, where the typical response was "what the *** are you talking about" when I could even get people to answer their doors. I'm running about 1 in 10 responses to doorbells. The rest I just stick fliers in the mail slots.

I did not anticipate the difficulty with apartment buildings. I tried buzzing randomly (even less printable responses) and following in people when they opened the doors (which earned me my first threatened 911 call).

And, let me tell you, it is a looooong ride back to Staten Island, B35 bus to the 2, to the Ferry, to SIRT to New Dorp, elapsed time about two hours if you make all the connections.

With bloody ankles, it feels like two weeks. Ibuprofen and bed.
9/20/2021 06:47:14 pm

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