Been working on fliers for the upcoming canvass, something I can stick up on bulletin boards and lampposts as well as leave behind if there are houses with no answer.

Contact info is easy -- just send folks to this web site. I long ago gave up on all attempts at filtering my e-mail. You would be amazed at both the volume and quality of crap that gets flung into your inbox when you have spent as long as I have in the conspiracy world. Seriously. Spam filters run shrieking in terror. At least with a form, my inbox is manageable.

But phrasing the call to action is always tricky. I try to tell people a little bit to give them context, but not so much that it tips over into a sales pitch, or makes me sound like some of those other crazies out there. Say a little bit, encourage them to come read more, and ask for help if they remember anything, however seemingly insignificant, about Holtzman in 1972.

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