I'm already sick of knocking on doors, and it's only Monday. This has been worse than I ever imagined it could be. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. The people who still live here are either elderly and inchoate or a younger generation which treats politicians with utter contempt and dismissal. Nobody I've talked to was even able to identify Elizabeth Holtzman as someone who once represented them in Congress; many could not place Watergate within a twenty-year time window, and a few didn't even know who Nixon was.

And on top of that, I have oozing wounds on both ankles that hurt with every step. Even gauze pads buffered with a layer of gaffers tape didn't help. Tonight, I feel the need for something stronger than ibuprofen. Back at it tomorrow.
8/22/2023 07:27:30 pm

Loved reading this thanks


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