Finally, my week of freedom is here, the one week a year where I get to do what I want. And I'm ready. Bought a new pair of shoes with cushioned insoles, SPF 50, and restocked my business cards from Vistaprint. (No endorsement is implied, nor should it be inferred; they're cheap and cheerful, and they get the job done.) Reviewed the walk lists for each day, the ingress and egress (Ferry as usual, then the 2 train, and one of several buses).

The mental prep is equally important. From long experience, I know that the mindset has to be equal parts certainty and resignation, like panning for gold. You need to work the plan with confidence, but not expect magic or be disappointed by hundreds of fruitless contacts. I imagine that those young political zealots who walk precincts for politicians must have the same attitude. Except, of course, that they are merely useful idiots maintaining the fiction of electoral democracy.

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