Once one sees past the flash and drama of the Kennedy assassination -- a magician's force designed to distract; I mean, shooting Oswald on live TV? Brilliant! -- the gnomic kernel of wisdom is obvious: Nixon received the Dark Umbrella to begin his Ascendancy over the Sixties.

It's established in evidence that JFK was reconsidering Vietnam, that his agenda was moving in the direction of greater civil liberty. He even intended to retire from politics and start a newspaper. Imagine the Sixties with a swinging, acid-head ex-President behind the bully pulpit of a major metro daily (something that still had force and value in those days.)

No, that could not be tolerated. One can easily see why the Order of the Dark Umbrella saw 1964 as a flex point needful of manipulation, and why they picked Richard Nixon as horse to run. Boy, were they ever right on the money. You'd have to go back to Roderigo Borgia to find a better standard bearer for the Dark Umbrella.

And where was the White Umbrella all this time?

THis series of posts will quite likely evolve into my next book.

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